Hey everyone, and welcome back to Installation00!

This is the home of the Most Detailed series, where we explore, together, the technology in the Halo Universe, and other Sci-Fi Universes, to a level of detail not found anywhere else in the galaxy. 

Here, you will find links to the various corners of the Internet that Installation00 has influence over. You could consider this site as a sort of Hub, or Cartographer, if you will, as it will link and connect you to the full expanse of my Installation. Oh and if you want to listen to my outro music on loop, just back up to the Entrance Page and unmute the looped video. You're welcome.

As always, it is my absolute pleasure to have you. Some awesome things are coming, and it's thanks to all of you that it has been able to happen. Much Love,

Take it easy everyone, and find peace in the Domain. 


Also, if you're not already aware, I do have a second Channel called the Lore Core Multiverse. Here, I cover various other Sci-Fi Universes and give the various technology, armour systems, sciences and science fiction concepts of the respective Universes the same level of attention I've given large swathes of the Halo Universe. 

Lore Core Multiverse is quintessentially a way for us to explore different universes, be them games, movies, pop culture, or real world science and technology. However, the whole story and concept behind it is that this place is a repository for the collective lore and knowledge from countless Universes. Right now, we have access to a few universes. More will be unlocked in time. We access each of these universes via a Core Gate. These Gates allow us to journey to different universes and learn about them. 

We have access to a library of Multiverse Gates, each connected to a whole universe. With each video on the channel, we will select one of these gates, activate it and journey through to the Universe it links to. Together, we will journey to all of these universes and more, learn it's lore, analyse its technology and expand our knowledge. So join me, as we explore the Multiverse.