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So, I am sure many of you are aware, I've just gone live with Project: MJOLNIR, a crowd funding project over on GoFundMe, to create a real life MJOLNIR Mark-IV Exosuit. It's insane that so many people have come forward and put their faith in me to deliver on my Promise. Well, I fully intend to back up my claims with hard evidence. I have just placed a ton of orders for raw materials. Within the next couple of days I will take receipt of most of the components for the Skin Tight Undersuit, the Passive Skeletal Support Structure, a Laser Based Pico Projector (for the HUD), Flex Sensors, EMG Sensors, Bio Monitors, cabling, and resin to 3D print some components I am already modelling. I have another list of items being put together now, for the electronics suites for the Movement systems and the Helmets internal electronics. The first bits of MJOLNIR I am focusing on is the entirety of the Helmet, the Skin Tight Undersuit, the Environment Suit and the Initial Skeletal Frame. After I've got those locked down, we'll need to engineer the Plates, source the soft armor, sort out the robotics and electronics, and then begin assembly.

I'm not wasting any time.

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