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Battle Damaged MJOLNIR Mark-IV Chest Plate

Battle Damaged MJOLNIR Mark-IV Chest Plate


"We received this back from Materials Group. They've finished their assessment of the damage. By all accounts, the information they've gleaned from it will lead to stark improvements on future permutations of MJOLNIR. Anything to keep you guys at 300%, right!? Anyway, it's been written off, so I'm returning it to you. Think of it as a memento..."

The Battle Damaged MJOLNIR Chest Plate is cast from a Handmade Clay replica of the MJOLNIR Mark-IV Pectoral Plate. It took 70 hours to model in clay, at which point it was dried, and then "Battle Damaged", then moulded in Silicone and Cast in Polyethelyene Resin.

All of these plates are handmade and hand painted and weathered. No machines are used in the production, so each one is unique in its own way. With this, you're truly getting one of a kind. 

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