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Flood Spore | Type-II  | ONI XEG Medical Vial

Flood Spore | Type-II | ONI XEG Medical Vial


The Flood are a virulent parasitic lifeform first discovered on Alpha Halo by the crew of the Pillar Of Autumn and Spartan-117 in late 2552. Their mutagenic nature and extreme resistence to inhospitable environments makes them a biological threat of unparalelled lethality. It's no wonder, then, why the Office Of Naval Intelligences' Xenomaterials Exploitation Group are interested in reverse engineering the Flood for a Biological Weapon, while also attempted to research a cure to Flood Infection. How they came to acquire these Spores is anybodys guess. 

Afterall, one single Flood Spore can destroy a species. 

Handle with Care. Do Not Drink!

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