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Harvested Flood Spore | Type II | ONI XEG Medical Vial

Harvested Flood Spore | Type II | ONI XEG Medical Vial


These Spores were harvested from a recently deceased host. These Virulent Spores already display the tendrils of infection that tap into the hosts nervous system.

The Flood are a virulent parasitic lifeform first discovered on Alpha Halo by the crew of the Pillar Of Autumn and Spartan-117 in late 2552. Their mutagenic nature and extreme resistance to inhospitable environments make them a biological threat of unparalleled lethality. It's no wonder, then, why the Office Of Naval Intelligences' Xenomaterials Exploitation Group is interested in reverse engineering the Flood for a Biological Weapon, while also attempting to research a cure for Flood Infection.

The Flood Spores are currently hand-crafted from an off-brown hot melt polymer. The Spore is left to harden and then put into a medical-grade vial. The vial is then filled with Deionized water with a mild Green Pigment. The Vial is bunged and then capped with an Aluminium Cap Seal, which is then crimped permanently into place. An ONI stylised Vinyl Medical Lable is then applied to the front, and the Vial is then packaged for shipping.

Handle with Care. Do Not Drink!

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