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Spartan Fuel

Spartan Fuel

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Our standard coffee is a blend of Sumatra Mandheling Arabica and Brazilian Lagoa Arabica, giving a balanced acidity, slightly nutty flavor with subtle notes of fruit, fantastic for any time of the day!

Even Spartans need a little bit of a kick in the mornings to get them going, or indeed, a pick me up in the early afternoon. This coffee is hand roasted by 00 himself, with every batch taste tested to ensure quality. During roasting, 1500 chemical processes take place within the humble coffee bean. Essential oils are liberated and give a completely different coffee experience.

  • Important Info

    Note: This coffee is whole-bean. So please ensure you have a coffee grinder on hand to turn the beans into grounds suitable for brewing. Ground coffee may become available down the line, if there is demand for it. 

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