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Spartan-III Augmentation Vials | Project: Chrysanthemum

Spartan-III Augmentation Vials | Project: Chrysanthemum


Project: Chrysanthemum is the codename assigned to the Augmentation Procedures of the Spartan-III Super Soldiers. They represent a notable improvement over the earlier Spartan-II Augmentations as they increase the survival rate to 100% and widen the potential genetic pool of viable candidates. 

8942-LQ99 - carbide ceramic ossification catalyst drug
Makes bones nearly unbreakable.
88005-MX77 - fibroid muscular protein complex drug
Increases the density of skeletal muscles, leading to a marked increase in physical strength.
88947-OP24 - retina-inversion stabilizer drug

Enhanced Colour and Night Vision as well as improved overall visual acuity.
87556-UD61 - improved colloidal neural disunification solution drug
300% Increase in subjects' reaction times.

Full set of Augmentations (4 Vials). I'm sure it goes without saying but;
Do not try to open them.

Do not consume.

Do not attempt to inject them into your body.

These are prop replicas, not the real thing. (Yet.)

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