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Spiker Round

Spiker Round


The Grenflekt Spiker differs from the common Spiker Rifle in a couple of ways;
1. It carries more bayonetted attachment blades arranged radially around the body of the weapon, allowing it to be used as a sharpened club in CQC engagements
2. It has a smaller bore size enabling the Rifle to make improved use of the weapons Magazine.

The Rifle uses Gravitics to accelerate a globule of Molten Tungsten to extremely high velocities. The Molten Tungsten forms a solid, but still glowing red hot Spike Round during its flight between the muzzle and its target. When it strikes, it can easily penetrate soft tissues and even pin helpless victims to walls if caught unaware and close enough to the surface. These spiker rounds have been recovered from the battlefield to be examined at length, alongside the weapon itself to determine the methods behind their operation. 

Some, however, have found their way onto the black market as something approximating trophies, and more unconventionally, personal weapons. 

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