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Sweet William Cigar

Sweet William Cigar


A bespoke cigar, made to match the suspected characteristics of the Sweet William Cigar favoured by the Naval Officers of the UNSC and most recognisably by our Cigar Chomping Badass, Sgt. Avery J. Johnson. 


The Sweet William is a medium-strength cigar, made of tobacco from Nicaragua, laced with the fermented petals of the Dianthus barbatus also known as the Sweet William flower. They impart a sweetness that continues through the first and second third of the cigar, giving way to an earthy peat and a tickle of pepper, finally closing with cracked black pepper and notes of plumbs and dried fruits. Expect a 30-45 minute smoke and is particularly lovely enjoyed with a glass of neat Single Malt Scotch. 

It is recommended that the Cigar is purchased with the PVC Tube at the least, as it provides additional protection during shipping. Nevertheless, we will do everything we can to make sure your cigar reaches you in the best condition possible.

The Sweet William Cigar is an expertly crafted cigar of Nicaraguan Origin. With a length of 5 inches and a gauge of 43 (0.6"/17mm). 

  • Disclaimer

    As laid out in the guidance for selling tobacco products, as covered by the respective legislation of the lands, we have to make a couple of things clear.

    This is a tobacco product, and as such should only be purchased and enjoyed by persons over the age of 18 in the UK, EU, Canada and Australia or over the age of 21 in the US. Installation00 is not responsible for underaged persons purchasing or consuming the Tobacco products featured on this website. All relevant warnings and guidance have been displayed clearly.

    On entering this site, you were given a disclaimer that, if you agreed to it, meant you took on legal responsibility for browsing this site and its contents. Do not purchase or consume tobacco products if you are under the legal age in your country. 

  • The Lore

    Sweet William cigars are a popular brand of cigars smoked and enjoyed by a very large number of humans in the 26th century. They are the preferred brand of many officers in the UNSC, being considered a luxury item.

    Known enjoyers of the Sweet William Cigar include Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, Colonel Robert Watts, Captain Jacob Keyes, Captain Ponder, Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth and most notably, Sergeant Avery J. Johnson.

  • The Sweet William

    Dianthus barbatus, the Sweet William, is a species of flowering plant in the family Caryophyllaceae, native to southern Europe and parts of Asia.

    Sweet William is a good candidate for a naturalistic garden because its nectar attracts birds, bees, and butterflies. Its flowers are considered edible.

    In the Victorian language of flowers, Sweet William symbolizes gallantry tieing in nicely with their popularity with UNSC Naval Officers, and likely being an inspiration as to the naming of the Cigars in the Lore, but also possibly due to their actual use as an ingredient in the cigars. 

  • Lead Time

    There is a lead time for these Cigars, due to the time needed to make them, the demand at any given time, the quantity you order, and it being a very early venture. Please bear with us while we get your order sorted. We aim to have them shipped to you within 2 weeks, but depending on the above parameters, this may be slightly longer.

    As time goes on and we establish the supply lines, this lead time will decrease or disappear all together.

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